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Organization projects

Khotwa Project

The project is aimed at the consent of the economic women, the success of work opportunities, and the limit of the poverty Increased income level for poor families. So, 20 women were graduated in the field of sewing, and then they were granted 20 machine Sewing to encourage them to accredit themselves and start their own projects To announce their families.

Project against based-gender violence

e with and ,Union s’Women Yemeni the with partnership in ,organization The against project the implemented ,Fund Population Nations United the of support :directorates four in violence based-gender (Asdah-Al - Aden-Al - Mishna-Al - Jablah ( :areas following the on focuses project This and monitoring ,discovering of field the in workers of training and Rehabilitation .violence based-gender of cases evaluating management case with them connect to workers health of training and Rehabilitation .cases abused for services health of provision the of use make and officers .district every in networks protection Establishing  .directorates four the in sessions awareness Implementing  based-gender to exposed were that cases 100 to assistance cash Providing  .v

Paving project And expand some From mountainous roads The rugged in the district Habish

Partnership with the Sea Organization on a common ground and with the support of the British Foreign Ministry The organization and the development of the development of the road balance and expansion in all of (we say and expand the roads Energy - Naqel Sword - Naqel Al -Jaafarah) in the Directorate of Habeish Governorate and the The isolation is bound to the district center, which is easy to quickly reach the girls to their schools The speed of patients to the service of the service.

Distribution project Food aid For affected families And weakened.

The organization, with the support of the Charity Association, and a group of well -active actors Food intervention included the availability of an integrated nutritional food, such as one of the rapid responses of the situation In the Jabal and Dhahr district in the governorate of Ibb. Human for the most poor families

Creation project Friendly space For children in a district protoplasm

The organization and the partnership with the Intersus organization and the support of UNICEF, the friendly area of the “Color all the children” In the general library of a mountain.The area aimed at providing psychological support And the social children who have been subjected to pressures and psychological crises War and who is at the age of 18 years, with the different categories and age The project continues for eight months.


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